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Leading Manufacturers of Portable Hand Wash Stations/Sinks in the UAE

The BRAND-NEW Standard for Modular Solutions

Ecoplanet offers you the most convenient solution to your needs. Furthermore, our products such as Mobile Hand Wash Stations/Sinks and Portable Toilet with Washbasin are easy to clean as well as maintain.

Our company presents you with a stylish range of durable and Movable Wash Basins. We are equipped with a skilled team of professional staff that assist you in choosing the right products that suit your requirements.

The One-Stop Shop for All Portable Hand Wash Stations/Sinks That Work for Today’s World

A Convenient and Practical Solution That Helps You Keep Pace With Present-Day Lifestyle. In our modern society, the idea of using self-contained toilet cabins and standalone sanitization systems has become the new normal. Eco Planet is a specialty Portable Hand Wash Stations/Sinks manufacturer in the UAE.





Speedy Construction

Speedy Construction

High Quality

High Quality

Portable Sink UAE | Portable Hand Wash Sinks

Our Products

There are several types of Eco planet portable hand wash stations/ sinks available. They range from simple plastic versions that simply sit on a countertop to more complicated designs that have built-in soap dispensers. Some models connect to a faucet or an existing sink for use in homes with limited access to water. The range of portable hand washes stations 

Portable Sink UAE | Portable Hand Wash Sinks
01. Korean Top

Eco planet Korean top hand wash stations are made from natural and renewable resources. They are constructed out of recycled materials and are chemical-free. These hand wash stations are made from sustainable wood like bamboo. They are used in both public restrooms and at home too. So if you want to help the environment while also making your bathroom more beautiful, try out an eco planet Korean top hand wash station today.

Portable Sink UAE | Portable Hand Wash Sinks
02. Waterproof MDF

Eco planet Waterproof MDF is a water-resistant, durable, and dust-resistant MDF panel. It is made from post-industrial recycled material which is considered one of the most environmentally friendly materials. In addition, it offers properties such as high strength and low weight. This makes it ideal for use in large commercial buildings and events.

Portable Sink UAE | Portable Hand Wash Sinks
03. Stainless Steel

Eco planet stainless steel portable hand wash stations are a great way to make washing your hands more hygienic. They are user-friendly, compact, and easy to use. They have a large capacity and can be broken down for travel. They are also durable and can withstand the temperatures of various environments.

Portable Sink UAE | Portable Hand Wash Sinks
04. Plastic / HDPE

These stations provide an easy solution for people who need to wash their hands frequently, but do not have access to a sink. They are also useful if you are on the go and do not want to carry around a bulky bottle of soap. The main benefit of these stations is that they offer hygienic, safe, and convenient options that can help you reduce plastic waste.

Our Services

When your requirement for a Portable Hand Wash Station/sink for a short period, why splurge your money on buying it. Avail our rental services and acquire all our hand wash varieties and models for rent at a reasonable priceEcoplanet deliver our products to your Home, Office, Warehouse, Construction Sites, Venues of Events and Exhibitions. Our expert staff will assist and enlighten you on how to install it and operate it.


Rental of Single Hand Wash Stations/Sinks

Rental of twin Hand Wash Stations/Sinks

Portable Sink UAE | Portable Hand Wash Sinks
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    Portable Hand Wash Stations/Sinks for SALE
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    Portable Hand Wash Stations/Sinks for RENT
Serving the diverse requirements of our valued clients with high-quality products

Looking for Portable Hand Wash Stations/Sinks?We offer Movable Hand Wash Stations/Sinks that are effectively customized and designed keeping into mind transportability, technical finesse, sanitation, and utility.

Discover The Range Of Exquisite Portable Hand Wash Stations/Sinks From Eco Planet:

Our product range is manufactured utilizing quality materials and leading techniques according to globally accepted standards.

Benefits of Portable Hand Wash Stations/Sinks:
Ideal for increasing or adding handwashing facilities, Collection capability/wastewater storage means no need for on-site drainage, Go connections and simple plug to mains water or temporary water supply Provide hand washing facilities in locations while enabling safe distancing, Unit complete with a waste connector is possible if the connection to wastewater system is not available.
Meeting the demands of convenient usage

Ecoplanet is one of the prominent service providers of Portable Hand Wash Stations/sinks. Our company offers Movable Hand Wash Stations/Sinks that are effectively customized and designed keeping into mind transportability, technical finesse, sanitation, and utility.

Our standard products include:
  • Indoor portable sinks
  • Outdoor portable sinks
  • Automatic Hand Wash Stations/Sinks
  • Mobile classroom sinks of variable heights
  • Foodservice sinks
  • Medical Hand Wash Stations/Sinks
  • Beauty salon handwashing stations

  • Why You Should Choose Our Services?

  • Portability, Durability, and Strength at Affordable Rates.
  • We Are Committed To Promoting Better Hygiene Practices And Creating Safer Environmental Conditions.
  • Equipped With State-Of-The-Art Plumbing, Electrical, And Mechanical Facilities
  • Our Portable Hand Wash Stations/Sinks Are Great For



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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the of need hand-washing station?

    A hand washing station gives people the opportunity to wash their hands easily and more frequently. This can help to improve hygiene and protect everyone's health.

    Are portable sinks sanitary?

    Yes, they are sanitary. Hand wash dirty water goes down the drain.

    How to clean hand-washing stations?

    You can clean hand-washing stations by Scrubbing, then Rinse using clean water and allow to dry completely.

    do you supply Portable Hand Wash Stations/Sinks in Dubai?

    Yes, of course, we supply high-quality Portable Hand Wash Stations/Sinks in Dubai. We distribute our portable Hand Wash Stations/Sinks all over UAE (United Arab Emirates) as they are in great demand throughout any season. It is our specialty that we distribute our products and services within a given time frame, which is beneficial to our clients & customers.

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